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      Company depending on the human resource is the first resource of enterprise development and survival, as well as brand elements, and any other resources, such as temporary loss of capital, capital, market opportunity, competitive advantage, only our accumulation of excellent human resources will enable us to re-obtain newresources forever in an invincible position.
      We adhere to the principle of ability and political integrity, pay more attention to the good character and self-reliance, perseverance and dedication put into the spirit and the will.
      Strictly fair, impartial and open principles, emphasizing personality, never let the "Lei Feng" disadvantage.
      Continuously improve the company's overall cultural quality and level of knowledge at the same time, we encourage and support staff positions to self-taught, and efforts to study business, promoted to science performance appraisal and promotion certainly skilled employees in their own work embodied excellence, focusing on more than academic qualifications knowledge application ability.

1 people:

1) for the staff to provide a good living environment, in the life to care staff, caring staff, do everything in one&lqquot&s power to help staff to solve practical problems.

2) in the job, make no exception to every employee, to be treated equally, people will be respected feeling, talent will gather.

3) fair, transparent and selection of talent, encourage talents talent showing itself.

4) creating proper conditions for employees to develop one&lqquot&s ability and cleverness.

5) to provide staff with the development of space, the establishment of talent incentive mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff work.

2 concentrate on professional focus

Attention: each employee should concentrate on doing their own work, do not chop and change, not subject to outside interference;

Professional: each team at work in the field, to a very high level of skills and experience;

Focus: the company should concentrate on their own core business development, do not chop and change, immediate, regardless of the future.

The letter and spirit: people do not we have to do, others do we want better.

The success of the enterprise: 5% is a strategic decision, 95% is composed of execution decision.

The next procedure is the customers.